Object of Desire: Casestudi Foldboard

Object of Desire: Casestudi Foldboard

For times when you need a physical keyboard in order to perform work on a smartphone or tablet, the Casestudi Foldboard is your handy solution.

Casestudi Foldboard

Why: A compact keyboard for out-of-office productivity, the Casestudi Foldboard connects to any iOS, Android or Windows 10 device via Bluetooth and folds into half for easy storage.
What else: The keys are made of highly durable, impact and scratch resistant polycarbonate. This keyboard has a clamshell casing, made from corkwood or aluminum, that gives it a stylish look while keeping the gadget protected.
Gimme: Priced at S$89, it comes in gold, corkwood or black colors. Available at CumulusNimbus and Antė stores.

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