Object of Desire: Pebble Core

Object of Desire: Pebble Core

Eliminating the need to lug a smartphone around during runs or jogs, the Pebble Core is a standable wearable device that’s packed with several useful features.

Object of Desire: Pebble Core Wearable Device

Pebble Core

Why: The Pebble Core is a lightweight box that replaces the smartphone when a user is out for a run. Through a micro-SIM card slot, it’s able to share music from Spotify, track running distance and pace via GPS, sync data with running apps like Strava, and blast out an emergency SMS if needed. It’s also integrated with Amazon Alexa for voice recognition and commands.
What else: Bluetooth connectivity and an audio jack allow for both wired and wireless headphones to be connected. A single charge provides up to nine hours of location tracking and music playback. A hackers edition lets developers create third-party apps to widen the Core’s capabilities.
Gimme: Available at a special price of US$79, the Pebble Core comes in either black or white and will start shipping from January 2017. Order yours from Kickstarter today.

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