Object of Desire: VANMOOF Electrified Bicycle

The VANMOOF Electrified commuting bicycle comes ready to tackle the rigors of the daily commute. The best part? It’s approved for use on Singapore roads.

What: VANMOOF Electrified commuting bicycle
Why: The world’s first intelligent electric bicycle has a host of features that will satisfy urban commuters. Smart Power Assistance measures the rider’s pedaling output and adjusts motor output accordingly, offering a boost of up to 80%. GPS tracking allows the bike to be retrieved in case of theft. An integrated lighting system and two-speed automatic gears offers riders the convenience of commuting anytime, any day.
What else: The VANMOOF Electrified is cleared by Singapore’s Land Transport Authority for road use here.
Gimme: The VANMOOF Electrified commuting bicycle retails at S$3,888 (with a 1-year warranty) and is available at The Redundant Shop.

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