Odell Beckham Jr. Signs a 5-Year Nike Deal

Odell Beckham Jr. Signs a 5-Year Nike Deal

NFL athlete Odell Beckham Jr. has just signed a major contract with Nike.

Photo: Bleacher Report

According to Bleacher Report, Odell Beckham Jr’s Nike deal is speculated to be worth more than US$29 million.

Sources say the athlete’s Nike contract is one of the biggest shoe deals the NFL has ever seen.

The deal doesn’t include a signature sneaker, meaning that Odell Beckham Jr. probably will not design his own pair of cleats. According to Bleacher Report, the athlete would rather appear as a brand icon for Nike, which means we might see more OBJ fronted Nike campaigns in the near future.

Odell Beckham Jr. is a wide receiver for the notable American football team, the New York Giants. Beckham has played 1,300 receiving yards, reached double-digit touchdowns and has qualified for the Pro Bowl repeatedly.

Congrats, Beckham and Nike.

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