Old Road Signs Get a New Lease of Life with Cyclesign

Old Road Signs Get a New Lease of Life with Cyclesign

Pimp your bike and make it visible during evening commutes, with these unique Cyclesign wheel reflectors that are made from recycled road signs.

Australian designer Trent Jansen has re-purposed old road signs into Cyclesign – highly functional bicycle wheel and frame reflectors that add a neat aesthetic touch to any bike.

Cyclesign wheel reflectors are one-of-a-kind and carry distinct characteristics from their previous use on the roads, such as the reflective vinyl labels as well as the wear and tear from years of service life.

The wheel version is available in two sizes and can be affixed to bicycle spokes, while the frame version reuses old bicycle tubes to form binding straps and can be attached to the bicycle frame or seatpost. They can be purchased here at US$8 per piece.

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