“Panda” Video Featuring Desiigner, Real Pandas and Mandarin Subtitles

“Panda” Video Featuring Desiigner, Real Pandas and Mandarin Subtitles

You know that “Panda” song by Desiigner? Well, there’s a new video for it that features real pandas and Chinese subtitles. 

A new video for Desiigner’s banger, “Panda”, has been making its rounds on the Internet. Published on YouTube yesterday, the video has garnered over 9,000 views.

The 4-minute video opens with a 30-second clip of actual pandas, with a voiceover introduction of the significance of pandas to China.

Following that, the video claims “In America… There is a new panda on the rise”, and soon Desiigner is seen on screen. He takes a big swig of drink and begins rapping against a neon backlight and a backdrop of women.

Meanwhile, an animated panda head bounces over the top of Mandarin subtitles to cue each word, as commonly seen in karaoke videos.

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Definitions to words like “Lean – Purple happy sleepy beverage” and “Montana – God of white powder” are stripped in intermittently for the benefit of unknowing Chinese brothers.

Produced by 88 Rising, we’re expecting this video to break the Internet in just a bit.

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