Paradise Youth Club questions reality with their Futourism collection

Paradise Youth Club questions reality with their Futourism collection

Paradise Youth Club makes a ready-to-wear collection inspired by a digital apocalypse threatening mankind.

Paradise Youth Club

Paradise Youth Club introduces dystopian graphics to their garments as part of their Futourism collection, which drops this month.

The end of year is upon us, and Paradise Youth Club is hell bent on making us think about the future. In an age where almost everything is digital and controlled by machines, what happens if they overtake humanity? What will we have to do to stay ahead? These questions are the inspiration for PYC’s latest collection.

Dubbed the Futourism collection, the Indonesian brand slaps futuristic graphics with a modern twist onto an array of ready-to-wear garments including t-shirts, shirts, pants, tote bags, hats, coach jackets and hoodies. The graphics on the pieces reflect a sense of uncertainty and depict the notion that time is running out.

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Some of our most noteworthy pieces include the matching hoodie and pants combination, with all-over white graphics and branding on a black base. A clean but loud piece that will definitely be a conversation starter.

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Also part of the Futourism collection are collaborative pieces with other brands. Tell Your Children from Singapore worked on some pieces with PYC while Hypergrand will be launching a collaborative timepiece in the near future.

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The Paradise Youth Club Futourism collection is priced between US$36 (approx. S$49) to US$96 (Approx. S$131). You can cop the collection at Dover Street Market Singapore.

What are your thoughts on the Futourism collection from Paradise Youth Club? Is the digital age really catching up with us? Let us know in the comments below. 

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