Park Tyson Gives NBA Stars the 2D Treatment

Park Tyson Gives NBA Stars the 2D Treatment

Illustrator Park Tyson has immortalized past and present NBA stars alongside their signature kicks.

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Korea-based artist Park Tyson’s bobblehead-like illustrations of iconic NBA players evokes nostalgic feelings.

This series by Tyson Park takes us back to the days when we’d much rather lose ourselves in doodling rather than paying attention in class.

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The artist has managed to retain that childlike quality in his illustrations, some of which are reminiscent of bobblehead dolls.

One scroll through his Instagram feed shows a well-rounded coverage of NBA players and their sneakers from various eras and collections, ranging from Steph Curry’s Under Armour kicks to Scottie Pippen’s Air Uptempos.

Talent aside, it’s clear Park’s also got a great sense of humor.

A photo posted by PARK TYSON (@parktyson) on

Be sure to follow him on Instagram for new artworks from his NBA series!

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