PARK(ing) Day 2014: Have Your Own Public Space for a Day

PARK(ing) Day 2014: Have Your Own Public Space for a Day

Always wanted to have a piece of public space to attract attention and engage the community? Now you can with this special event coming your way.


Image credits: URA & SUTD

If you fancy having your own public space and reaching out to others through non-commercial activities, like a music performance or art demonstration, you’ll definitely be interested in the upcoming PARK(ing) Day held on Friday, September 19. This worldwide event gives people the opportunity to dress up public car park lots into temporary spaces that they can call their own for the day, and was first started in San Francisco nine years ago by art and design studio Rebar.

With a strong following, PARK(ing) Day quickly spread to many other cities, with Singapore coming on board last year. The Urban Redevelopment Authority (URA) has given official support to this event, even opening up parking lots in the Central Business District and Jalan Besar area for all to enjoy.


Image credits: URA & SUTD

Interested parties simply have to register online, indicate which parking spot they want and what they’ll do on the day itself. Once approved, they’ll be entitled free use of that parking lot for the whole day. Be sure to check out #ParkingDaySG on social media platforms to see what’s buzzing on event day.

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Visit URA’s PubliCity website here for more information and to register your interest for PARK(ing) Day.



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