PlayStation 5 May Drop Only in 2019, Say Industry Experts

PlayStation 5 May Drop Only in 2019, Say Industry Experts

Sony’s PlayStation 5 might not be released anytime soon.

Playstation 5

The Xbox one X usurped the PS4 Pro as the most Powerful console. Will Sony retaliate?

If predictions from industry experts prove to be true, the PlayStation 5 will only see the light of day in 2019.

The PlayStation 4 has been the mainstay gaming console for Sony since 2013 with its most recent update being the PS4 Pro. However, a long-awaited fifth instalment, also known as the PlayStation 5 has yet to hit the shelves and is only predicted to come only in 2019.

AnWhile the PS4 Pro boasted some great updates, Microsoft’s Xbox One X already seized the title of “the most powerful console“. Nintendo, on the other hand, gives a fresh gaming experience with its hybrid switch console that allows for both handheld and TV gaming. Competition has definitely grown stronger as of late for Sony.

Despite the competition, the PlayStation remains popular

Hardware comparisons aside, there’s still a lot to love about the PlayStation gaming experience and exclusive games. Sony reported a massive 70 million over units of the PS4 sold – making it one of the most successful.

With all the anticipation, Sony must have big things planned for the PlayStation 5 when it finally drops. The lack of an official word only serves to fuel expectation, only time will tell with this one.

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