Pokemon Go Account Goes for US$1,500 on eBay

Pokemon Go Account Goes for US$1,500 on eBay

Several offshoots have come about as a result of Pokemon Go, the latest gaming sensation that cleverly makes use of VR technology. One of them? People selling their Pokemon Go accounts for cash. 


Experienced players of Pokemon Go are selling their accounts online for cash. One user reportedly sold his account for a cool US$1,500.

These Pokemon Go accounts are listed mainly on eBay and other online platforms. Do a quick search on eBay for “pokemon go account” and you’ll see what’s on sale.

At time of writing, there are 14 listings available, with Best Offer prices such as US$1,200 and Buy It Now prices like US$500 and US$1,000.


Image: Screenshot/eBay

And it’s not just individuals who are profiting from the Pokemon Go phenomenon. Businesses are also cashing in, whether it’s a small cupcake shop in Vermont making Pokemon-themed cupcakes to establishments such as a pizzeria in Queens spending US$10 “to lure a dozen Pokemon“, which in turn led to a 75% increase in its sales over a weekend.

With so much being said about Pokemon Go, among them a highly-anticipated Japan launch that comes with sponsored Gyms, we can’t help but wonder when the app will be available in Singapore.

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Last week, rumors were swirling about the launch of Pokemon Go in Singapore. We wrote about the supposed launch and also offered some tips, unfortunately, the launch didn’t happen in the end.

But if this server monitor is to be believed, it seems a Pokemon Go server has already been set up for Singapore so it’s only a matter of time that we’ll be calling in sick just to catch some Pokemon.

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