Think These are Off-White Pool Slides? Think Again

Think These are Off-White Pool Slides? Think Again

H&M has fallen out of favor with Redditors for its latest striped pool slides.


Photo: Reddit/liluglyguy

A photo of H&M’s pool slides have come into question with fans online, some accusing the brand of copying Off-White’s iconic design.

The pool slides bear a black and white diagonal striped design similar to that found on many Off-White merchandise.

The similarity was first spotted by Redditor liluglyguy. Responses to his post have ranged from calling the pool shoes “disgusting” to referring to the fast fashion label as “having no shame” (image below).


Photo: Reddit

H&M has yet to respond to the alleged similarities between the designs. But according to The Fashion Law, Off-White’s black and white striped designs are so ordinary that it would prove difficult trying to trademark the design, even if the brand wanted to.

Imitation: is it flattery or annoyance? Let us have thoughts on the issue in comments below.

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