Costumes From the Power Rangers Reboot Leave Fans Divided

Costumes From the Power Rangers Reboot Leave Fans Divided

The Internet is divided over whether the revamped Power Rangers has stayed true to the spirit of its genre or if has received too much Hollywood influence.

Power Rangers Movie Suits

Image via Entertainment Weekly

The costumes for the highly anticipated Power Rangers reboot, set to release in 2017, were unveiled hours earlier. Here are some interesting comments from the Power Rangers Reddit Community.

Some chose to balance their views with rational and constructive comments:

Others made references and threw shades at a past failure that will probably stick around for a long time:

The rest simply hated it:

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In an interview with Entertainment Weekly, production designer Andrew Menzies said, “Ours is an alien costume that grows on them, that’s not man-made. You can’t win everyone over, but we are trying to appeal to a more mature audience and gain new fans.”

Do you dig the new costumes, or are they too cheesy? Give us your thoughts in the comments below.

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