Puma will release a sustainable line in 2020 that benefits underprivileged communities

Puma will release a sustainable line in 2020 that benefits underprivileged communities

Puma and First Mile will release a sustainable line in 2020, which helps to improve Puma’s entire supply chain.

Puma and First Mile

The Puma and First Mile collab provides support to low-income families in exchange for collecting the very plastic that pollutes their environment.

Plastic is easily one of the worst forms of pollution, harming ecosystems because they do not break down cleanly or easily. Puma has noted the need to do their part and reduce their dependency on plastic by aiming to create a more sustainable method of production. This is where their collab with First Mile comes in.

The collaboration collection with First Mile, comprising a range of footwear and apparel, will drop in the first and second quarter of 2020. These items will be made from plastic supplied by First Mile, which promises a sustainable and transparent supply chain. This means you can wear these items assured that the shoes are eco-friendly and that you doing your part to reduce and reuse plastic waste.

Puma and First Mile

First Mile is a non-profit organization that supports over 4,000 families in Haiti, Honduras and Taiwan in exchange for plastic that they collect in their vicinity. With just the collection from these families, First Mile was able to produce over 300 tons of recycled yarn in 2018. Kelsey Halling, Director of Partnership at First Mile, said, “We are thrilled to welcome Puma to join a group of bold, innovative brands leading the way in responsible sourcing. The Puma x First Mile collaboration will positively impact lives by giving value to plastic waste.”

Puma and First Mile aim to be part of the solution to close the loop on plastic use by finding an effective way to recycle plastic for the production of their goods. With the added benefit of supporting low-income families, the collaboration could not be any better.

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The Puma and First Mile collab is also part of Puma’s 10For20 initiative, which aims for complete sustainability and seeks to address severe social issues in its supply chain by 2020. In fact, it was announced that Puma reached its target for the use of sustainable cotton in 2018, two years ahead of schedule.

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