Puma celebrates Suede history at the Sneaker Con SEA booth

Puma celebrates Suede history at the Sneaker Con SEA booth

Puma celebrates the history of the Suede with brand new colorways, improved construction and activations both in-store and at Sneaker Con SEA. Read on for the details.

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To celebrate Puma’s 75th and the Suede’s 50th anniversary, new styles of the retro basketball sneaker will be released as an in-store exclusive at the Puma 313@Somerset store. All models will feature full suede uppers alongside design updates to improve the quality of the sneaker. The key colorway to look out for is the ‘camowave’ which reimagines the materials in a new ‘organic wave’ pattern. 

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As part of the “Be Iconic” campaign, you can look forward to receiving a Puma Suede sticker pack upon purchase of a Suede shoe at any Puma retail store in Singapore. To look after your brand new Suede sneakers, spend an extra S$10 more to receive a bottle of Suede cleaner – an essential for keeping the fibres clean and dirt-free.

Look forward to a special Puma Suede booth at Sneaker Con SEA, happening April 1 to 2. The Puma booth will be segmented into three parts, each one exploring different facets of the Suede’s legacy. It details its origins as the signature sneaker from Walt “CLYDE” Frazier to its eventual rise in hip-hop culture and fashion. Most importantly, it will offer you a lesson on looking after the iconic sneaker and the suede upper its named after – a material that requires a different form of care. Finally, take part in an evolving mural and put your sneaker designing skills to the test. 

Grab your tickets to Sneaker Con SEA at sea.sneakercon.com and save 10% at checkout by using our code Straat10.

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