PUMA Ignite NETFIT Singapore Launch Party Recap

PUMA Ignite NETFIT Singapore Launch Party Recap

Here’s what went down at the PUMA Singapore Ignite NETFIT launch party on July 19.

The PUMA Singapore Ignite NETFIT launch event held June 19 introduced the brand’s NETFIT line of footwear and NETFIT Technology that comprises five unique lacing systems.

Each lacing system – Standard, Stability, Wide Foot, Narrow Foot, and Heel Support – comes with its unique benefits. The systems can be applied to a range of NETFIT shoes for performance such as the IGNITE NETFIT worn by Usain Bolt and Sportstyle shoes like the TSUGI NETFIT worn by The Weeknd.


Photo: Usain Bolt wears the IGNITE NETFIT shoe as pictured above

A highlight of the event was a lace clinic, where participants put the five different NETFIT lacing systems to practice, under the guidance of PUMA ambassadors Jansen Lee, Khai Leng, and David Heng.

To put their understanding of the lacing systems to the test, five participants volunteered to take part in the lace-off competition in hopes of winning a pair of the IGNITE NETFIT. To win, participants had to lace a NETFIT shoe according to any of the five lacing systems. The first participant who laced the shoe up correctly would win.

Deft fingers and lots of practice helped blogger Qi Yun emerge victorious with a time of 53 seconds. “The shoes are great, there are multiple ways to lace them up, so I can alter the lacing method to suit the activity I will be engaging in, whether it’s martial arts or running,” said Qi Yun the NETFIT line of shoes.

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In addition to food and drinks, guests could also help themselves to the Lace Bar, where they could select up to three pairs of shoelaces in an assortment of colors to take home and lace up their very own pair of PUMA NETFIT shoes.

Photo: Guests helped themselves to a selection of laces at the Lace Bar

The PUMA Singapore Ignite NETFIT launch party was conceptualized and created by Straatosphere, in partnership with PUMA SEA. Special thanks to FUNAN Showsuite for the venue partnership.

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