These Python Yeezy Sneakers Carry a Hefty Price Tag

These Python Yeezy Sneakers Carry a Hefty Price Tag

Would sneakerheads spend US$1,400 on a pair of Python Yeezys? Kanye seems to think so!

Photos: Sneaker Bar Detroit

The Python Yeezys bears a striking resemblance to Kanye West’s python boots released in Season 4.

According to Twitter user Yeezy Mafia, the Python Yeezy will be released as part of the brand’s season 6 collection. The full tweet reads, “Yeezy Season 6. Thick Shaggy Suede Crepe Sneaker in Python Snakeskin Coming Soon ($1,400)”.

The shoes will feature python snakeskin outer along with a raised platform midsole similar to the one used in the Yeezy Suede Crepe. Other details include a suede lined sockliner and matching laces in a soft tan colorway.

These shoes, however, are not affiliated with Adidas, hence the lack of branding except for the words “Yeezy Season 6” printed onto its insoles.

No word as to when the shoes will be released, but Yeezy Mafia assures fans that the snakeskin sneakers drop soon.

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If you need a refresher as to what Yeezy Season 6 entails, check out our coverage on the season’s delivery, as modeled in real life by Kim Kardashian.

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Featured image: Sneaker Bar Detroit
Source: Twitter/@theyeezymafia

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