Recap: Nike Air Max Day Singapore 2015

We got in on the Air Max Day celebrations and spoke to familiar sneakerheads and new friends who managed to cop the newly released Air Max Zero.

Air Max Day takes place every March 26th, and for this year’s edition, sneakerheads in Singapore joined in the celebration at sneaker boutique Limited Edt Vault. Taking centerstage at the event was a display of every iconic Air Max model, along with an exclusive vault that showcased highly sought after Air Max sneakers contributed by local sneakerheads.

We caught up with fellow sneaker collectors and new friends who picked up a pair of the highly anticipated Nike Air Max Zero to get their thoughts.


Air Max Day 2015

Mandeep’s Air Max 90 “Suit and Tie”

You’ve been carrying the Air Max line at Limited Edt for years now. Have you noticed any trends?
In the past, we sold them as running shoes, which is what they were essentially made for. But now they have become fashion statements. The Air Max 1, Air Max 90 and Air Max 95 have become iconic shoes. They have reached a global status where they are streetwear and fashion staples that come in a variety of colorways.

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How does this year’s Air Max Day differ from last year’s edition?
Nike has definitely taken it to the next level. I am really excited for what is to come in 2016. Last year, they released a reiteration of an iconic shoe, the Air Max 1. Nike’s storytelling with the use of social media has been amazing in reaching out to the world and making Air Max Day a global event. With the “The One Before The 1” story, Tinker Hatfield has helped fans understand the Air Max 1 origins along with the history of other models as well.

As the owner of a sneaker store, we’re sure you have a collection of Air Max sneakers yourself. Tell us about it.
Back in the day, I had my fair collection of Air Max sneakers. I threw many of them away as I wear my shoes a lot. My favorite pair is the Air Max 90 “Python”. It was sold when Limited Edt was in its first year of operations and I remember there was quite a lot of hype surrounding the shoe.

What do you think of the Air Max Zero?
Visually it might not be the most outstanding, but I think it is a good shoe with a good story behind it. I think the Air Max Zero will be a collector’s piece because of what it represents.

Danial and Nadhirah

Air Max Day 2015

What do you think of the Air Max Zero?
Danial: I expected it to be “darker”, the way Tinker usually designs his shoes. The Air Max Zero feels a little bit like a running/tennis shoe to me. But the technology used on this shoe is one of a kind.

Nadhirah: I like how they look on feet but I’m not the biggest fan of the colorway. But yes, they really look good on ladies as well.

Are you guys Air Max fans?
Both: Yes! We don’t have that many pairs though. Most of our pairs are Nike iDs.

Danial: I don’t really buy Air Max sneakers anymore because of their short lifespan due to Singapore’s weather. I was heartbroken when my Air Max sneakers “passed on”.

Give us your thoughts on the female sneaker scene.
Nadhirah: Most of my female sneakerhead friends are Jordan fans and I’ve been wanting to meet others who are into something else. I’d love to meet more girls who are interested in runners.


Air Max Day 2015

Have you been looking forward to this release?
Yes, I have. I usually use Air Max for my gym workouts and I was looking forward to adding this to my gym shoes. This Air Max Zero has a futuristic vibe to it.

What do you think of the construction of the Air Max Zero?
I’m really cool with it. The materials are good. I’ve already tried them on and they’re really comfortable. I think I’ll rock these often.

Do you think the Air Max Zero will have an impact on the Air Max culture?
I think it is too early to tell…to me, the Air Max 1 is the greatest of all. We would have to wait for future releases of the Zero to see how it will impact the scene.


Air Max Day 2015

What do you think of the Air Max Zero?
It looks pretty good. The toe box doesn’t look like the “banana” that people have been complaining about when they saw the pictures (with reference to the upturned toe box of the shoe). The Air Max Zero reminds me of a mix of the Sock Dart and the ASICS Tiger GEL-LYTE V with its sock-liner.

How many Air Max sneakers do you have in your collection?
I don’t have that many. Maybe around 10 to 15 pairs?

Do you think the Air Max Zero will make a lasting impact on the sneaker culture?
Yes. I only need one though, and this is it – the first release; the OG Air Max Zero. There will be more colorways coming out, but the first pair will always be the best.


Air Max Day 2015

Where do you hail from?
I’m from Texas but I live here.

Are you a sneakerhead?
Yes, I am. I have been wearing Air Max sneakers all my life and I’ve recently fallen in love with Flyknits as well.

How long have you been collecting?
For a long time…I still have my old Jordans from seventh grade and I’m 31 now. I still keep them, they’re dear to my heart.

Which is your favorite Air Max?
It has got to be the Air Max 95. I recently got a pair that came out for Draft Day in the Dallas Cowboy colorway, which are the colors of my football team. Those are my babies.

What do you think of the Air Max Zero?
They exceed my expectations. I love the story behind it. These were supposed to be the 1s but got pushed back in 1985. Nike did an amazing job with the story. I like the mesh toe box because of the hot weather here.


Air Max Day 2015

Have you been looking forward to this release and is it what you expected it to be?
Yeah, I’ve been keeping up with Nike’s campaigns on social media so it is pretty much the same as they advertised. I like the shoe!

Are you an Air Max fan?
Yes! I love Air Max. I have a small collection but it’s still growing

What do you think of the female sneaker scene in Singapore?
I think there should be more female sneakerheads. I’m quite disappointed that sometimes there aren’t smaller sizes for females as well.


Air Max Day 2015

What do you think of the Air Max Zero?
I think it’s really cool. I had to have them. I was pretty lucky to get it actually. Since it was Air Max Day, I initially expected something more premium, but Nike went down the road of the Air Max Zero instead. It’s something different, something fresh. You have to give and take.

Has your opinion changed after you held them in your hands?
Not really. In fact, after I walked into the store I loved it even more.

Are you a sneakerhead?
Yes I am, my wife hates it (laughs).

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