Happy World Bikini Day! 8 Stunning Photos of Athletes in Bikinis

Are you beach-bod ready? Because July 5 is officially World Bikini Day!

All photos courtesy of Redbull


Photo: Sally Fitzgibbons before hitting the waves in Maldives.

Celebrate World Bikini Day with these gorgeous and talented Redbull athletes.

They are Nicole Pacelli, Lindsey Vonn, Gisela Pulido, Jordan Mercer, Sally Fitzgibbons, Carissa Moore, Olya Raskina, Marketa Slukova, and Kristyna Kolocova.

Nicole Pacelli

Sao Paolo surf athlete Nicole Pacelli during a surf trip in Bali, Indonesia. Pacelli was the first champion of the Women’s Stand Up World Tour, scoring the title at the age of 22.

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Lindsey Vonn

Alpine skier Lindsey Vonn poses for a picture in Los Angeles, 2016.

Alpine skier Lindsey Vonn is more than just a pretty face. The athlete has won four FIS Alpine Ski World Cup championships with three consecutive winnings in 2008, 2009, and 2010, as well as a gold medal at the 2010 Winter Olympics.

Recently, Vonn made headlines as the oldest female skier to win a medal at the 2017 FIS Alpine Ski World Cup championships.

Gisela Pulido

Photo: Gisela Pulido working out at Bill Baggs Cape Florida State Park.

The 23-year-old Gisela Pulido is the youngest kitesurfing world champion. The Spanish beauty has scored 17 titles including the PKRA (Professional Kiteboard Riders Association) Freestyle World Championship.

Jordan Mercer

Photo: Jordan Mercer prepping for a training session in Australia.

Australian Ironwoman Jordan Mercer’s athletic career began at the young age of 16. The professional athlete was one of the youngest athletes to appear in the Nutri-Grain series, an Australian Ironwoman competition.

Sally Fitzgibbons

Photo: Sally Fitzgibbons posing for a portrait.

Pro-surfer Sally Fitzgibbons’ accolades extend beyond the world of water sports. According to her official website, the athlete was supposed to dedicate her talents to the track before deciding to focus wholly on surfing.

Carissa Moore

Photo: Carissa Moore hitting the waves in Hawaii back in 2013.

Here’s an athlete that surf enthusiasts might recognize. Talented and beautiful, American surfer Carissa Moore has more than 20 championship titles under her belt – including 6 ASP (Association of Surfing Professionals) Women’s World Tour titles. The athlete was also named Glamour magazine’s Woman of the Year in 2013 and was also inducted into the Surfer’s Hall of Fame in 2014.

Olya Raskina

Photo: Olya Raskina in Moscow, Russia.

Despite being dubbed Russia’s Queen of the Ocean by Redbull, the athlete first started her competitive sports career as a professional snowboarder. Raskina made the switch to windsurfing in 2015 and has since scored a number of awards for competitions such as the 2014 Windsurfing World Tour.

Marketa Slukova and Kristyna Kolocova


(L – R) Marketa Slukova and Kristyna Kolocova.

Czech Republic athletes Marketa Slukova and Kristyna Kolocova are a winning beach volleyball duo. The two European beauties scored 5th place at the 2012 Summer Olympics.

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