Rick Owens and Birkenstock Team Up on a New Collaboration

Rick Owens and Birkenstock Team Up on a New Collaboration

The Rick Owens x Birkenstock collection is the recreation of the iconic German sandal. 


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Could this collaboration be the revival of the Birkenstock sandal’s popularity?

Rick Owens and Birkenstock have collaborated to produce a new luxury streetwear collection of slides. Owens puts his spin on three classic styles from the German footwear brand’s range of footwear, incorporating new materials including cowhide, felt and full-grain leather.

In a feature video about the collection, Owens describes the process behind the creation of the collection as “corrupting the pure design” of the iconic sandals. 

For instance, the designer has extended the straps of the Birkenstock sandals so much so they almost touch the ground. Owens also designed the shoes to have more holes along the straps, which he explains makes the shoe flamboyant but not in a way that’s out of character of Birkenstock. 

Here are some of the shoes that are part of the Rick Owens x Birkenstock collection:

Get your own pair of luxury Rick Owens and Birkenstock sandals from the Rick Owens website here or straight from Birkenstock here.

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