Rihanna Goes Back to the 80s in This Remix

Rihanna Goes Back to the 80s in This Remix

An 80s-inspired Lite FM power ballad rework of Rihanna and Calvin Harris’ 2016 hit exists, and we are loving every second of it.

YouTuber Saint-Laurent takes us back in time with his remix of Rihanna’s “This Is What You Came For”.

The rework consists of all the elements that make up a proper 80s power ballad. The drum fills, piano riffs and the guitar solo (brought to you by Daniel Mackay) goes perfectly with the hazy, glitchy visuals.

Watching the video has gotten us wishing for the glorious 80s era all over again, complete with neon leggings, backcombs and perms. Those days may be long gone, but with videos like this, the past is far from over.

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