Patso Dimitrov’s Sneaker Art Fuses Rap Music and Basketball

Sneakers and rap music collide like never before in Patso Dimitrov’s sneaker art.


Photo: Patso

Visual artist Patso Dimitrov brings music royalty and sneakers together in his new series of sneaker art.

Hailing from Europe, Dimitrov loves combining basketball and music. And with good reason too. The artist believes that all basketball players want to be rap musicians and vice versa.

Dimitrov rose to Internet fame in 2016 after mock ups of his re-imagined album-inspired basketball jerseys were circulated widely around the Internet. It even prompted musician ILoveMakonnen to use Dimitrov’s artwork for one of his SoundCloud releases. To date, Dimitrov has over 12,000 followers on Instagram.

Check out more of his sneaker artworks below and here:

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