Create Your Own Colorways With This Sneakerhead Coloring Book

Create Your Own Colorways With This Sneakerhead Coloring Book

Brought to you by Troy DaVinci, the same guy behind the Air Jordan Coloring Book, this Sneakerhead Coloring Book is hours of fun for adults and kids alike.

Troy Davinci

Sneakerhead Coloring Book features over 30 classic and modern sneaker models, such as Dunks, Air Max, Air Force 1, Yeezys, Air Mags, Kobes and some original sneaker designs from creator Troy DaVinci himself.

Buyers are in for a treat as the book is over 100 pages thick, with double pages of each shoe so that they can color the same sneaker twice.

Made in USA with high quality white art paper, the book accepts a variety of mediums — crayons, color pencils, water colors and color markers.

Sneakerhead Coloring Book will be available on Amazon from July 26th. Each is priced at US$15.97, with free worldwide shipping.

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