Salt Bae is the Only Man You’d Want in Your Kitchen

Salt Bae is the Only Man You’d Want in Your Kitchen

Here’s one of the earliest memes to arrive this year,  in the form of Salt Bae — a Turkish hunk who’s very, very good with his hands.

Salt Bae

Turkish chef Nusret Gökçe made Twitter go crazy after a video of him sprinkling salt on a steak went viral, leading to the nickname Salt Bae.

It pretty much all began when Bruno Mars tweeted a screencap of Nusret’s video, using it as a meme reaction.

Since then, people have been trying to discover the source of the video, and most importantly, the man in it. The investigative powers of the Internet led to Nusret’s Instagram. His feed is a showcase of his brooding selfies, and most importantly, the video that started it all.

Ottoman steak ?

A video posted by nusr_et (@nusr_et) on

Now being referred to as Salt Bae, people of the Internet have taken to his good looks and the particular care he takes while butchering, especially when he spanks the meat for added emphasis. Strangely sensual? Or just too much?

Well, judging from his new-found popularity, maybe it really just is all about the flick of the wrist.

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