Sam Rui: Debut Album will be “Real and Relatable”

Sam Rui: Debut Album will be “Real and Relatable”

The R&B singer/songwriter finally releases a debut album.


Photo: Sam Rui by Shawna Chia

Alternative R&B artiste Sam Rui’s debut album, Season 2, will be available for digital download from June 30 on Spotify and iTunes.

“The album is something different, but the music is something real and relatable,” said Sam in a press release.

Rapper OmarKENOBI and producer FAUXE feature on two of the ten tracks.

Sam, now 21, has come a long way since she first started playing the piano at age 7. At 16 she wrote her first song and at 20 she was introduced to GROSSE, who produced Season 2.

Don’t be surprised to get a glimpse of other music genres popping up on certain tracks on the album. Sam is not one to shy away from mixing it up.

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In a previous interview, Sam told Straatosphere, “I haven’t been a die-hard fan of a single genre, and I think my lack of commitment has helped me approach my own music without borders. I don’t make music to follow a popular trend, I just write whatever I feel in the moment.”

Season 2 by Sam Rui is available for pre-order on iTunes from June 23. Pre-orders receive one advance track from the album.

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