These Scratch and Sniff Cards Smell Like the Bellies of Cats and Dogs

These Scratch and Sniff Cards Smell Like the Bellies of Cats and Dogs

Japanese company Felissimo takes pet obsession to a whole new level with its scratch and sniff cards.

Available in packs of seven, these scratch and sniff cards actually smell like the bellies of cats and dogs.

Hate being away from your furbabies? Japanese company Felissimo might have a short-term solution for your pet withdrawal.

For the low low price of 432 Yen (approx. S$5.40), you can buy yourself a pack of scratch and sniff cards to remind yourself of what your pet’s belly smells like.

According to SoraNews24, these scents were not produced without proper research. To match the right aromas, the company asked several pet owners to describe what their pets’ bellies smelled like.

For cat owners, their descriptions include “burnt caramel popcorn”, “freshly made pancakes covered in maple syrup”, and “burnt milk”. Dog owners they likened dogs’ bellies to “broad beans and grass growing the in sun” and “slightly overdone toast”.

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These scents were eventually fine tuned and the final fragrances is said to be akin to a “mix of pancakes and burnt butter” for cats and “roasted beans” for dogs.

To encourage you to scratch and smell them, the cards also feature adorable illustrations of cats and dogs lying on their backs with their tummies exposed.

Visit Felissimo to pick up a pack of these cards. The company also sells other adorable pet-themed products like cushions, bags, and phone accessories.

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