Cook Your Meals in IKEA’s Brilliant Recipe Posters

Cook Your Meals in IKEA’s Brilliant Recipe Posters

Cooking made easy thanks to these ingenious recipe posters by IKEA.

IKEA created these recipe posters to encourage customers to be more creative and adventurous in the kitchen.

Having trouble cooking Swedish meatballs or baked salmon at home? IKEA might have a simple, fuss-free solution that might save you in the kitchen.

Created as part of its “Cook This Page” campaign, IKEA Canada teamed up with ad agency Leo Burnett to create a set of recipe posters.

Unveiled at a recent event, these posters are made from parchment paper and are illustrated with edible ink.

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Each poster displays the ingredients needed to prepare a particular dish and all the customer has to do is ‘fill in the blanks’ with the right ingredients, sauces and spices included.

Once done, the posters can actually be folded up and tossed into the oven for cooking, thus eliminating the need for pots, pans, and trays.

To get a better understanding of how they work, watch the video above.

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