Need Supply Co Cancels Sean Wortherspoon Nike Air Max 97/1 Release

Need Supply Co Cancels Sean Wortherspoon Nike Air Max 97/1 Release

The Sean Wortherspoon Nike Air Max was canceled in view of a crowd that started forming around the Need Supply Co store in Virginia.

Featured image: ABC 8 News 

According to reports, Need Supply Co canceled the Sean Wortherspoon Nike Air Max 97/1 release due to the overwhelming crowd that started forming at its storefront.

Sources claim that close to 500 people were crowding around the boutique around 2.30am on Tuesday, November 21.

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The retailer was the only one in the region to carry the limited edition shoes, reports Fortune.

Need Supply Co was supposed to open its doors to the public at 10am but the store decided to cancel the release at 4am.

According to ABC News reports, about 30 to 40 lucky people were allowed to purchase the exclusive sneakers. Unfortunately, the boutique will remain closed for the rest of the day (source).

The Nike Air Max 97/1 is a pair of limited edition sneakers created by designer Sean Wotherspoon. The shoes feature a unique, hybrid silhouette made out of the Air Max 97 and Air Max 1. It was the winning design of the 2017 Nike Vote Forward contest held earlier in March 2017.

As unfortunate as the news is, reports claim that Need Supply Co plans to release the sneakers, but on a separate date. Currently, no alternative release date(s) have been announced on the store’s social media, so stay tuned.

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