Slodown Releases Official “Nomance” Remix

Slodown Releases Official “Nomance” Remix

Slodown enlists the talent of Jasmine Sokko and rapper Lanky Almighty in this Benau remix.

Slodown has released the official remix to his track, “Nomance” from his forthcoming EP.

Following the success of “Khaled”, Slodown teamed up with notable producer slash musical poet, Yllis, for the release of his second single “Nomance”. Released in two different versions, the OG features Jasmine Sokko while the remix, released today, features notable Hong Kong-New York crossover musicians, Benau and rapper, Lanky Almighty.

Much like “Khaled”, “Nomance” provides listeners with a dreamy take on the traditional R&B genre. The melancholic vocals provided by Jasmine Sokko and Slodown help add to the feeling of “Nomance” (a portmanteau of “no” and “romance”) – a state of being in an empty love affair that can never be fixed.

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The electronically remixed version provides an equally smooth and introspective edge to the original track, with subtle hints of dream-pop blended into it. Featuring 18-year-old music producer Benau and “bedroom rapper” Lanky Almighty, the track is proof that the trio is a force to be reckoned with, if not now, very soon.

With a soulful voice, clever lyrics, and a talented cohort of friends, Slodown is definitely a one to watch out for. Check out the track above and show him some love on his Soundcloud and Facebook page.

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