Mediocre Haircut Crew’s Omar Amir (OmarKENOBI) Drops “Lost” on Spotify

Mediocre Haircut Crew’s Omar Amir (OmarKENOBI) Drops “Lost” on Spotify

You’ve heard Omar Amir/OmarKENOBI (of Mediocre Haircut Crew) drop some witty bars over tracks, but this Valentine’s Day he’s planning to show his softer side.

By Tira Lee


Omar Amir of the Mediocre Haircut Crew has something to say this Valentine’s Day. We link up with him for a few questions ahead of the release of “Lost”, tomorrow, February 14th.

What’s “Lost” about?
This project was spurred on by a very personal and very real place in my life, when I was in a relationship last year. It’s basically a dedication to this girl who has changed my life forever. To release it on Valentine’s Day was just me being ironic and cheesy.

So “Lost” is about a relationship…
“Lost” shows a more experimental and emotional me as I go through the experiences of being in a relationship that was bound to end eventually. This resulted in a very personal track where I attempt to paint a vivid picture for the audience the experiences that we had as a couple. Hopefully the images ring true and people can empathize with the lyrics and the narrative behind the song.

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The single was produced alongside Fauxe, a longtime collaborator of yours and of MHC’s. How has working with him changed your approach to making music?
Yeah, this new single is produced by Fauxe who kills it on the production, as always. Working with him is a journey every time we decide to do something. He constantly challenges me to come out of my comfort zone with every new project and has really pushed me to appreciate not only rap, but music, on a wider scale. It’s a trip but it’s one worth taking with him at the reins.

The image on your Instagram is a still from the music video for your track, yes? Who’s behind the visuals and what can we expect to see in the video?
All credit goes to my friend Imran a.k.a. imrntv who also produces most of the music videos for MHC (“Suburbia“, “Lose Your Love“). Killing it on the visuals as usual, you can expect a psychedelic experience that will hopefully paint a picture of the thoughts that ran through my mind during one of the most memorable and life-altering points in my life so far.

“Lost” will be released on Spotify tomorrow. Meanwhile, check out Omar’s previous work here.

This interview with Omar Amir has been edited and condensed. 

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