8 More Tips for Surviving a Sneaker Convention

8 More Tips for Surviving a Sneaker Convention

Sneaker conventions are easy to navigate – if you know how.

By Daniel Loy

As a follow-up to our previous article, here are 8 more tips to coming out of sneaker conventions a happy sneakerhead.

1) Fuel up



Prior to the convention, have a proper meal and drink plenty of water. You’ll need the energy to endure all the walking and chatting (maybe bargaining) and the water helps avoid dehydration. If you’re a hopeless alcoholic, you’d be glad to know the upcoming sneaker convention, Sole Superior, will be held at Zouk, where all good drinks flow. There’s also Zouk’s Deli on Wheels in case you get hungry.

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2) Rope friends in

Image from freshnessmag.com

Image from freshnessmag.com

Don’t be a lone ranger; invite like-minded friends to come along for the ride! It will save you the awkward moment of bumping into them at the convention later and having them wonder why the hell you didn’t ask them to the event. If you’ve got friends who aren’t into sneakers or streetwear, bring them along too. The experience will be an eye-opener!

3) Leave no booth unturned

Image from youtube.com

Image from youtube.com

No, we don’t mean messing them up – that’ll get you bounced out for sure. What we’re saying is, give every booth a chance and visit them all. Who knows, you might just find something you like, especially towards closing time when merchants start busting out the best deals. Sneaker convention rule number one: Don’t go home empty-handed.

4) Pack light

Image from sneakernews.com

Image from sneakernews.com

It’s a convention, not a camp, so pack only your essentials. You’ll be jostling with people in the hall and it’s no joke if you have to squeeze your way through with a huge bag. Don’t forget, you’ll need to leave space in that bag to keep your purchases in as well. A simple backpack would suffice.

5) Set a budget


If you have the potential to spend uncontrollably, it’s probably wise to set a budget. Yes, you have been waiting for this day to come, but life does go on after a sneaker convention.

6) Get enough sleep


You’ve been eagerly awaiting the convention, and it’s finally here. Get a good 7 to 9 hours of sleep the night before, so you feel energized and ready to hit the halls. This also means the Friday night partying should end early; it’ll be a shame if you forego the convention thanks to a nasty hangover from having one too many drinks.

7) Understand the event space layout

Image from sneakerfreaker.com

Image from sneakerfreaker.com

Some conventions can be simple to navigate. Others, especially the big ones, make you feel like you’re in a labyrinth. Instead of going blindly around in circles, have a general plan of how you want to cover all the booths. Grab a map of the convention layout, if there’s one. Follow the plan first, and then roam around as you please after that. Trust us, it’ll be less exhausting this way.

8) Join the mailing list

Image from snkrbst.com

Image from snkrbst.com

Some booths might ask you to sign up for their mailing list, and why not? It’s free and you get updates on new releases without the need to step out of your house. It’s a bonus if the booth you purchased stuff from offers to put you on their VIP mailing list. That’s like the golden ticket to sneaker/streetwear heaven! Think exclusive invites, sneak peeks and discounted prices. Don’t sleep.

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