8 sneaker documentaries that are free-to-watch on Youtube now

Sneaker documentaries to dive into in the coming weeks.

Sneaker Documentaries Run DMC

Run DMC became a symbol of fresh-ness for an entire generation.

These sneaker documentaries explore different facets of sneaker culture. The best part? They’re all free to watch on Youtube.

Reading isn’t your thing? Thank the sneaker gods for documentaries. Our selection of sneaker docs to check out are entertaining as they are easy to digest. All except for one title are under an hour, making these great for quick breaks in between work or the last thing to watch before you hit the sack.

1. Sole Society

Synopsis: A quick seven-minute documentary produced from the perspective of the owner of Cabinet Noir, an Australian sneaker store.

Duration: 7:33

2. The Sneakerhead Collective

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Synopsis: At a little over 13 minutes, The Sneakerhead Collective is a self-reflective documentary in which sneakerheads air their views.

Duration: 13:36

3. Life of a Sneakerhead

Synopsis: Christian Cantelon, aka Sneakertalk Canada, gives us a quick glimpse into the life of a sneakerhead. Follow him as he checks out fellow sneakerheads’ collections, pays a visit to a local sneaker event, and interviews sneakerheads in a queue for a rare pair of Nike Foamposites. 

Duration: 9:23

4. Just for Kicks

Synopsis: Just for Kicks is a scrapbook of the biggest moments in sneaker history. Sit back for a nostalgic trip, as the documentary takes you back to the yesteryears of streetwear and sneaker culture.

Duration: 1:21:03

5. Sole Origins

Synopsis: A documentary series by Complex, Sole Origins takes a deep dive into New York’s streetwear and sneaker culture. Through stories from DJ Clark Kent, Jeff Staple, Joe La Puma and others in that stratosphere, you’ll discover more about the heritage behind your favorite brands and their cultural influence on New York and beyond.

Duration: Average of 20 mins per episode. Total of 9 episodes.

6. Everything You Need to Know About Sneaker Resell Culture

Synopsis: This documentary is like freakonomics for sneakers. It’s a quick take on the secondary market for sneakers featuring resellers and consignment store owners who speak both for the demand and supply side of the business.

Duration: 17:44

7. Sneakers saved my life…Urban Necessities with Jaysee Lopez

Synopsis: The crew from TooRealForTV met up with Jaysee Lopez, the owner of Urban Necessities, a sneaker consignment store based out of Las Vegas. The detailed interview delves into sneaker culture, reselling, and how sneakers saved Lopez’s life.

Duration: 56:15

8. The Story of Air Max: 90 to 2090

Synopsis: The Story of Air Max: 90 to 2090 chronicles the evolution of the iconic Air Max line of footwear and the cultural impact of each release. Check out our in-depth look at the documentary here.

Which of these documentaries would you check out first? Share your playlist in the comment section.

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