10 Sneaker YouTubers to Follow Right Now

We’ve scoured YouTube for ten of our favorite sneaker vloggers. Check them out.

1. Sneaker Grandpa

Patrick Dempsey (no, not the actor), who goes by “Sneaker Grandpa” is a sneaker collector and a partner at a boutique design firm. While he’s no grandpa per se, Dempsey proves, as a man in his 40s, that there’s no age limit where it comes to being a sneaker collector and streetwear fan.

So passionate is Dempsey about sneakers and streetwear that he runs a YouTube channel and a blog featuring exciting unboxing videos, sneaker tips and tricks. A highlight of his videos is cameo appearances by his two adorable daughters who provide their thoughts on Dad’s sneakers. 

Can’t get enough? Keep up with Sneaker Grandpa on his Instagram, which is filled with on-feet photos of notable sneakers, such as the Mita Sneakers x New Balance 247 “Tokyo Rat”, which was released earlier this year.

2. Kustoo

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Kustoo (Jacques Slade) is more of less the king in the sneaker unboxing game. He got his big break from being featured on The Ellen Degeneres Show in June 2013 and is also the contributing editor at Complex.

Kustoo unboxing videos tend to feature retro and “hard to find” sneakers. He once even featured a grenade launcher on his YouTube channel and blog.

Kustoo’s unboxing videos, which are shot from multiple angles, stand out for their professional quality. Kustoo also provides the viewers with snippets of history about the pair of sneakers being unboxed.

3. Scoop208

If you need your sneaker unboxing fix on the daily, you need to subscribe to Scoop208’s YouTube channel.

Scoop208’s sneaker unboxing videos, unlike other unboxing videos, offers viewers a look at the unboxed shoes under artificial and natural lighting. Videos in which he recounts his sneaker trading stories are also a hoot.

But sneakers aren’t the only thing the YouTuber vlogs about. He also reviews candies, hosts five different YouTube channels that put out gaming related videos and publishes strange ASMR videos of sounds of nail clipping and of people eating.

4. Just Wynn

We’d like to think of Just Wynn (Blake Wynn) as the Justin Bieber of the online sneaker community. The 17-year-old schoolboy is already a successful businessman, with over 180,000 subscribers to his YouTube channel. The budding businessman first began selling sneakers at the age of 12, making a profit of over US$1,000 (approx. S$1400.60) within his first year.

The content of this kid’s videos ranges from first looks at sneaker samples (such as one for the Adidas NMD) to utter destruction in the name of experimentation.

5. WooHooligan

WooHooligan (Ralph Porteria), based in the Philippines, runs a YouTube channel that’s kinda like an encyclopedia for Asia-based sneakerheads.

Our favorite eps were the ones in which he purchased a pair of fake Yeezys to compare them with a real pair. The educational videos are a great introduction to those new to the sneaker game. Plus, WooHooligan’s friendly and easy-going character makes his videos a joy to watch.

6. Hanifrd

Indonesian-based vlogger Hanifrd might be new to the online sneaker community, but with informative videos and sneaker reviews, his channel is definitely one to look out for.

We like that Hanifrd provides viewers with an honest, on-feet look at unboxed sneakers – giving viewers a look at what the shoes look like on the average joe, rather than on some athlete or model.

Hanifrd’s videos are in filmed in Bahasa Indonesia, but most come with English subtitles. Unfortunately, some of the most engaging ones – those that depict the history of notable brands such as Supreme and Vans – don’t yet come with subs.

7. WuWuMan

There are three things we know about WuWuMan: he’s an accountant, he lives in Hong Kong – a hub for streetwear, and he loves sneakers. Or at least, that’s what we infer from his Instagram account.

Fans of traditional sneaker unboxing videos will love WuWuMan’s straightforward description of iconic sneakers and the stores where they were purchased from.

Some of our favorite videos include the unboxing of the Ronnie Fieg x ASICS Gel Lyte 3.1 “Salmon”, purchased at the low low price of US $120 (approx. S$168.30). What a steal!

8. Richie Le

If you’re new to sneakers, Richie Le’s channel might be a resource worth checking out. Le’s videos provide viewers with information such as the best items to purchase from sneaker stores to tutorials on the proper way to care for your shoes.

Le’s honesty is an element of his videos that we appreciate. He’s not afraid to express skepticism towards brands, despite sometimes being sponsored. Speaking truth to power is the kind of thing we need these days.

9. MEI

Heads up, ladies: if you like makeup and sneakers, you’ll find both on MEI’s entertaining channel. MEI describes sneakers the same way beauty gurus describe their new makeup – with sultry music and a soothing tone – plus a dash of raw humor.

One of our favorite episodes is one in which notable sneaker YouTuber Qias Omar makes an appearance. MEI also covers practical topics such as sneaker budgeting and sneaker care tips.

10. Qias Omar

Love him or hate him, Qias Omar’s YouTube channel is one to check out if you’re into sneakers, streetwear, and drama.

Aside from expensive sneaker unboxing videos (above), Qias also covers topics ranging from absurd sneaker convention pranks to couple unboxing videos that might get you to question your #relationshipgoals.

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