Sneakers Club: Your one-stop for basketball gear and game

Sneakers Club: Your one-stop for basketball gear and game

In the latest edition of Spaced Out, we uncover the hidden gem that is Sneakers Club, a basketball supply store tucked in an industrial area of Singapore.

What Sneakers Club lacks in size, it makes up for in the stuff it carries. And it certainly holds its own, especially for those who actually play basketball.

If you know anything about sneaker culture, you’d know about the massive influence basketball has on it – probably the reason why the idea of Sneakers Club excites us.

First of all, the store is not very big at all – in this regard, it’s more a kiosk than a store. But what it lacks in size, it makes up for in the stuff it carries.

Secondly, its location is unique. Sneakers Club is not found in a high-traffic mall in the heart of Orchard Road, instead it is located in one of the biggest, state-of-the-art basketball training facility called Shot Zone located in the east side of Singapore.

Sneakers Club

Sneakers Club is located within a spacious basketball training facility called Shot Zone

A basketball convenience store

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At Sneakers Club, every square inch is precious real estate and its founder, Moses Mao, certainly knows it. Step into the store and you’ll be greeted by racks of NBA jerseys, performance gear and accessories that won’t disappoint any basketball enthusiast.

The store understands that basketball players are the biggest influencers on its customers, too, and so you’ll find shoe selections from Jordans to Lebrons, KDs to Kyries. There are Currys, too, for good measure.

Conveniently located in a basketball training facility, Sneakers Club caters to basketball players who are looking for shoes they can actually ball in, with the occasional hyped release from time to time.

It’s worth noting that sneakers at Sneakers Club go for between S$10 to S$30 less than prices of the same sneakers at retailers elsewhere.

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Surrounding Sneakers Club is Shot Zone, the aforementioned basketball training facility that is the training ground for both pro and amateur basketball players. It also offers training programs for kids and adults. To book a slot, the rates are as follows: S$80 per hour per half-court. One-to-one training starts at S$70 per hour.

After you’ve worked through your paces on the hardwood, check out the latest kicks at Sneakers Club just adjacent to the training facility. Who knows? You might just find something to buy.

Sneakers Club is located within Shot Zone at 115 Eunos Avenue 3, #02-02, Singapore 409839. Opening hours are 2pm to 10pm on weekdays and 9am to 10pm on Saturdays and Sundays. Keep up to date with Sneakers Club on Instagram for the latest releases.

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