Sofia Vergara on Snapchat: “Vergaraland” Turns Men’s Dreams into Reality

Sofia Vergara on Snapchat: “Vergaraland” Turns Men’s Dreams into Reality

If you can’t get enough of Sofia Vergara, we’ve got news for you! The Modern Family star will feature in her own reality series on Snapchat.


Columbian actress Sofia Vergara may have made her mark with Modern Family, but it doesn’t end there. According to Variety, Vergara is set to star in a reality series on Snapchat titled Vergaraland.

Consisting of six short episodes, the series will be a humorous take on the star’s career through the eyes of her 24-year-old son, Manolo González Vergara.

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Vergara fans can start catching the Snapchat reality series this coming summer, which is co-produced by Fusion together with Vergara’s production company, Latin World Entertainment. Vergaraland joins a number of already existing original Snapchat series, such as Literally Can’t Even.

Sofia Vergara on Snapchat – now that’s a dream turned reality.


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