Signed and sealed: Singaporean personality Sonia Chew is now part of the Puma family

Signed and sealed: Singaporean personality Sonia Chew is now part of the Puma family

Sonia Chew is the newest face to join Puma as a brand ambassador.

Sonia Chew

Besides championing Puma’s women’s lifestyle range in Singapore, Sonia Chew will also appear in the brand’s upcoming campaign and events.

Puma announced this week that the Singaporean radio show host and TV personality, Sonia Chew, has signed a partnership deal to become the latest women’s lifestyle ambassador for the brand. Sonia chartered a career in the radio industry after winning the 987FM radio star competition in 2012. Since then, she has captured not only the attention of radio listeners but also internet-savvy users through her various social media platforms as well as an award-winning travelogue titled Travel SBD, which she hosted.

For Sonia Chew, it seemed like an easy decision signing on to the role of brand ambassador. She said, “PUMA has always been a brand that has resonated with me. It’s not just about the style and awesome apparel… it’s an attitude. It’s fearless, bold and unique. Their ambassadors have always been women I look up to – incredible personalities like Selena Gomez and Liu Wen, and I’m ever so humbled to be a part of the family!”

The sportswear brand has gone a long way in introducing campaigns that inspire and empower young women. Joining fellow Puma women ambassadors such as global pop star Selena Gomez, Brazilian model Adriana Lima, and Singapore actress Dawn Yeoh, among others, Sonia Chew is in good company.

The partnership will kickoff with Sonia’s involvement in the PUMA #CaliTravelog campaign, which is set to be a major one for PUMA Southeast Asia.

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