May the 4th: 5 things to do this Star Wars Day 2019

May the 4th: 5 things to do this Star Wars Day 2019

Star Wars Day 2019 is upon us, and for diehard fans, it’s a good time to pay homage to the blockbuster franchise.

star wars day 2019 may 4

Here are five things you can do to celebrate the galaxy far, far away this Saturday, May 4.

If you’re familiar with the phrase often heard in the Star Wars franchise, “May the force be with you”, then you’d know why this particular date means a great deal to Star Wars fans. To explain further, it’s simply because of the wordplay between “May the fourth be with you” and “May the force be with you”. Pretty clever, huh? Created by fans, the event has now become a phenomenon worldwide. But what can you do for Star Wars Day 2019 in Singapore? Read on to find out more.

1) Catch a screening 

star wars day 2019We’re pretty sure you’ve not missed a single Star Wars movie. But you get to relive the excitement yet again with your fellow Star Wars fans via an outdoor movie screening of Star Wars Episode VII: The Force Awakens on May 4, 7.30pm, at One Marina Sentosa Cove. The best part? It’s completely free.

Outdoor screening details:
One Marina Sentosa Cove

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2) Fight your battles (virtually)

star wars day 2019 gamesThe Star Wars franchise has spawned various video games over the years, letting fans create their own the heroic moments in the Star Wars universe from the comfort of their home. Time to turn on your consoles this Star Wars Day 2019 and embark on your own intergalactic battles once more in Star Wars Battlefront or LEGO Star Wars: The Force Awakens. Both of these PS4 video games are on sale right now, retailing for £7.99 (approx. S$14.31) and £13.99 (approx. S$25.05) respectively.

Where to buy:
Geek Store

3) Shop trendy Star Wars-themed outfits

star wars day 2019 tshirts

These days, you don’t have to walk around in fancy cosplay outfits anymore to celebrate the blockbuster franchise. In fact, for Star Wars Day 2019, you can opt for Uniqlo’s cool new collection of t-shirts designed by three icons of Japanese streetwear – Jun Takahashi, Tetsu Nishiyama and Nigo. You might not be able to resist the force once you see these in person. The collection is now available, retailing at S$14.90 for kids and S$19.90 for adults.

Where to buy:
All Uniqlo retail stores and

4) Uncover secrets in this massive Star Wars tome

star wars day 2019 taschen archive book

The XXL-sized book features all there is to know about the making of the original trilogy, from George Lucas’ own perspective. The nuggets of knowledge you can find in the book include script pages, production documents, concept art, storyboards, on-set photography, stills, and posters, among others. For $200 (approx. S$272.89), this massive Star Wars archive is a collector’s dream.

Where to buy:

5) Redecorate your house

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What better way to celebrate Star Wars Day 2019 than by adding a part of that world to your home. Think of it like Christmas for aspiring Jedi knights. Little things like a doormat with “All droids welcome” printed on it goes a long way in recreating a home that’s bursting with “the force”. Check out more of our recommended items to cop for your home below.

Where to buy:
1. Captain Phasma head mug – £4.99 (approx. S$8.94)
2. Kylo Ren night light – £6.99 (approx. S$12.53)
3. Death Star neon night light – £6.99 (approx. S$12.53)
4. Candle set: collectors edition – £14.99 (approx. S$26.86)
5. Doormat – £14.99 (approx. S$26.86)

What will you be up to on Star Wars Day 2019? Share your plans with us in the comments below.

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