Watch: “Stranger Things” Inspired Musical, “Stranger Sings”

Watch: “Stranger Things” Inspired Musical, “Stranger Sings”

Stranger Sings turns the Netflix horror/sci-fi series Stranger Things into a musical comedy.

Featured image: Screenshot from Brian David Gilbert

In Stranger Sings, the terrifying Demogorgon is cast as a evil musician known as the “Jazz Man”, the young male protagonists star as a boyband, and Eleven plays the role of an escaped princess.

The original Stranger Things follows the story of three small-town kids in search of their friend, Will, who has seemingly vanished. Stranger Sings, on the other hand, tells the story of a boyband, The Smarmy Four, that takes on a strange villain known as the “Jazz Man”.

Unlike the Demogorgon in Stranger Things, the “Jazz Man” is a well-known character. At one point in the video (approx. the 12:37 mark), Joyce Byers (Will’s mom) even identifies the character.

To keep things entertaining, the backing track of Stranger Sings switches from one musical style to another, and covers genres ranging from jazz to rap.

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The debut episode, which runs slightly over 49 minutes, took its creator Brian Gilbert (known for his Vine-like videos like this) three weeks to make. No word so far as to whether Gilbert plans to release a second episode.

Stranger Sings is available for purchase on Bandcamp for US$10 (approx. S$14). Only like select songs? Single tracks are priced at US$1 (approx. S$1.40), also available on Bandcamp.

Stranger Things season two is scheduled to begin Friday, October 27 – just in time for Halloween. While you await that, check out the Stranger Sings trailer below.

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