Streetwear Heroes: A Mash-Up of Streetwear Threads and Superhero Spandex

Streetwear Heroes: A Mash-Up of Streetwear Threads and Superhero Spandex

A young Singaporean artist is dressing up comic book icons with streetwear pieces, as part of his Streetwear Heroes illustrated series.


Image via Aqil Lutfi

Streetwear Heroes, a new illustrated series by Singapore-based artist Aqil Lutfi, imagines what superheroes would look like if they donned streetwear instead of spandex.

Spiderman in a BAPE shark hoodie, or Batman being the front-man for The North Face? You wouldn’t see it happening in a comic book or live-action movie, but this 20-year-old artist from Singapore has made it possible with his latest artworks.

“I’ve always been interested in streetwear, comics and superheroes. Then I started to piece them together, imagining what our famous superheroes would look like if iconic streetwear brands sponsored them,” he said.

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Inspired by fellow artist Clogtwo, Aqil spends between five to six hours on each mash-up. Even though he isn’t sure how long his run of crossovers will last, he knows there’s plenty of comic book characters at his disposal.

“I’m always working on different series of artworks and designs, but don’t worry, there’s still more to come once I get new ideas,” he added.

Another series from Aqil sees sneakers being turned into posters. Hot kicks like the adidas Ultra Boost receive the artistic treatment, but despite the detailed work, Aqil confesses that he’s no sneakerhead.

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“I only got pulled into the sneaker scene by my close friends, who are more into sneakers than I am. For  me, what I really love about sneakers is the design and finer details,” he said.

Selected sneaker and pop culture artworks are available for sale as posters, and Aqil is open to new ideas and suggestions from fans and the community at large. For updates on the Streetwear Heroes series, follow him on Instagram here.

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