From Kate to Sade: the material girls that have been featured on Supreme releases

From Kate to Sade: the material girls that have been featured on Supreme releases

Supreme releases featuring famous women: how many have there been? Here are six noteworthy ones that come to our minds.


Few women have had the honor of being featured on Supreme gear and Madonna, Marilyn Monroe, Kate Moss, and Sade are few such.

1) Supreme x Madonna
Year: 2018


According to rumors, Supreme has linked up with musician Madonna for Supreme’s FW18 collection, said to drop August 16. The collection will allegedly come in nine different colorways, each featuring a portrait of the “Papa Don’t Preach” singer. The brand will also release stickers featuring the singer’s portrait to accompany the drop.

2) Supreme x Mona Lisa
Year: 2018

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Released as part of the brand’s 2018 Spring/Summer collection, the t-shirt features a shattered image of arguably the most famous woman in the world, Mona Lisa (Lisa del Giocondo). This was the first time Supreme referenced a classic painting created by renowned artist, Leonardo Da Vinci – little wonder why the Supreme x Mona Lisa t-shirt flew off the shelves shorty after its release.

3) Supreme x Andre Serrano “Madonna” t-shirt
Year: 2017


Photographer Andres Serrano isn’t one to shy away from controversy and neither is Supreme. No surprise then that Supreme tapped the complex mind of Serrano to create its Fall/Winter 2017 collection. One of the tees features the Madonna, with child, and though it probably provoked the ire of many devotees, if there’s only one woman good enough for a Supreme tee, she would have to be the Virgin Mary.

4) Supreme Sade T-shirt
Year: 2017


In 2017, Supreme released a collaboration tee with English singer/songwriter/goddess Sade. The tee, which was released in nine colorways, features a portrait of Sade with the graphics of a handwritten and autographed note from Sade to Supreme: “To Supreme, Your Love is King”.

The photograph of Sade on the tee was taken in 1982 by photographer Ellie Von Unwerth. As to why Sade? Why not? Especially when the brand’s former director Angelo Baque was supposedly a huge fan of her music.

5) Supreme x Kate Moss
Year: 2012


What’s a compilation of Supreme releases featuring famous women without Kate Moss? The British supermodel and Supreme are no strangers to each other. In 2012, the brand released a a tee of Kate Moss wearing a Supreme tee under a leopard print lined jacket, with cigarette in hand. Needless to say, the tee flew off the racks.

While that release was certainly iconic, Kate has actually appeared in several other earlier Supreme releases, including the 2006 Spring/Summer Supreme x Kate Moss as well as the 2004 t-shirt which was rolled out as part of the brand’s 10th anniversary.

6) Supreme x Marilyn Monroe
Year: 2010


The controversial collection, which dropped in 2010, comprises a series of t-shirts bearing the words “Meaty! Juicy! Spicy!”, “Adult Entertainment” and a speech bubble that quotes a graphic print of Marilyn Monroe saying, “I’ve got AIDS”.

Which of these Supreme releases featuring famous women would you cop, if you could, today?

Featured image: Illrapper

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