The Avengers Get Reimagined as Beijing Opera Characters

The Avengers Get Reimagined as Beijing Opera Characters

Captain America, Iron Man and the rest of The Avengers get transformed into heroes from the Beijing opera, a traditional Chinese theater art form.

Daybreak Lai, an artist based in Guangzhou, China, has turned The Avengers and Loki into Beijing opera characters.

Inspired by the idea of a Hollywood movie stylized with an Asian theme, the artist took the opportunity to combine the superheroes with Beijing opera influences, sketching them during his vacation.

The results are pretty dope and poster-worthy. In line with the just-released Captain America: Civil War movie, Daybreak has also created a one-off artwork which sees Captain America in a stand-off with Iron Man.

Seeing The Avengers turned into an actual live Beijing opera show would be an eye-opening experience for sure, but till that day comes, you’ll have to settle for these photos and other works from the artist’s Behance page.

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