Official ‘Magikarp Song’ Celebrates Your Love for the Useless Pokémon

Official ‘Magikarp Song’ Celebrates Your Love for the Useless Pokémon

“Pity Pokémon” Magikarp gets its own song and you can’t help but feel a little sorry.

“The weak Pokémon, that’s you, Magikarp. But though you are the weakest, still you’ve won my heart.”

Feeling lost and defeated at work? Fret not, because we’ve found the perfect song to perk you right up.

Released by The Official Pokémon YouTube Channel, the “Magikarp Song” is a lyrical masterpiece that pays tribute to one of the greatest (and weakest) Pokémon of all.

Sung by a young child, the catchy and melodious jingle contains lyrics on how “pathetic” and “unreliable” the water-type Pokémon truly is.

Despite the many insults thrown at the creature, the song does end on a rather sweet note, with the child proclaiming his love for the fish and how it has won his heart.

Give it a listen above, and let us know what you think below.

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