Thrasher Flames Plagiarists with Official “KNOCK-OFF” Merch

Thrasher Flames Plagiarists with Official “KNOCK-OFF” Merch

“You rip me off? No, I rip me off” – Thrasher.

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Thrasher unveils new “knockoff” merch to combat and poke fun at plagiarists.

Thrasher and its flaming logo have been the subject of plagiarism on multiple occasions. Some brands who “stole” from the skate mag include H&M, Forever 21, and more recently, R13.

With no way of stopping plagiarists from copying its logo (besides calling them out on Instagram, which Thrasher has no qualms doing – see this and this), the skate mag figured a tongue-in-cheek approach would be the next best solution.

With the help of Dutch artist Parra, they turned the iconic flaming logo into a cheap, knock-off that reads, “THARSHER MAGAZIN”.

This knockoff logo will be printed on jackets and shirts, and they can be picked up at select skate stores.

What do you think of the magazine’s tactic? Let us know in the comments.

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