These Under Armour Record Equipped Running Shoes Know When You’ve Had Enough

These Under Armour Record Equipped Running Shoes Know When You’ve Had Enough

Forget step-counting or speed measurement; Under Armour Record Equipped running shoes will tell you if you should continue to exercise or call it a day.


Source: Under Armour

The secret? A sensor embedded within each Under Armour Record Equipped running shoe.

Simply put on the shoes, start the Map My Run app, and jump up and down six times. Funny as it sounds, this simple test will measure your level of muscle fatigue and offer recommendations as to whether you should run harder, keep at the same pace or take a breather.

This advice will go a long way and help to prevent injuries that will otherwise affect one’s training program.

“We are taking a scientific approach to recovery that is directly utilizing real-time data from your body to determine what level of workout you should execute to guide your training,” said Mike Lee, chief digital officer at Under Armour.

Three models — Gemini, Europa and Velociti — will come with this new technology, and they are priced between US$140 and US$160 each. The chip embedded within each shoe syncs automatically with the app and won’t require charging.

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This technology is only available in running shoes for now, but there’s nothing to stop it from crossing over to other sporting gear in the near future.

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