Vans 50th Anniversary: Milestones in the Brand’s History

Vans 50th Anniversary: Milestones in the Brand’s History

Vans 50th anniversary is a good time to get (re)acquainted with the brand’s heritage and history.

Vans 50th anniversary, Off the Wall since 1966

Image via Vans

To celebrate Vans’ 50th anniversary, the brand has taken to social media to give people a rundown of its storied history and influence on street culture.

Using Twitter Moments, Vans gives fans an interesting history lesson on how it got its start in Anaheim, CA. This also includes a throwback shot of the origins of the waffle sole that has become an iconic feature of Vans shoes.

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A series of short video clips have also been lined up to showcase its influence in the world of fashion, music, arts, action sports and street culture.

Vans even ropes in heavyweights such as skateboarding legends Tony Alva and hip hop artist Chuck D, who offer some heartfelt words for the brand that they’ve come to know and love.

Check out one of the videos here below and visit its YouTube channel to view similar clips.

Happy 50th, Vans!

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