Vetements “Entry Level” T-Shirt Caters to Broke Fuccbois

Vetements “Entry Level” T-Shirt Caters to Broke Fuccbois

Vetements has the answer to brokebois’ desperate stunting needs.


Vetements’ “Entry Level” t-shirt will help broke fuccbois stunt without having to break bank.

Priced at US$170 (approx. SGD$242.13), the t-shirt is about cheapest item available from Vetements aside from socks.

The t-shirt was first unveiled via Instagram with a caption that reads:


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Upon checking out the product on, you’ll realize that it’s the Vetements “Staff” T-Shirt and that it comes in two colors – black and white. The word “STAFF” in gold stitching can be found on the front while the iconic “VETEMENTS” wordmark is emblazoned across the back of the t-shirt.

Trust Vetements to call a product what it is. Well hey, if nothing else at all, at least here’s a Vetements piece that’s within reach.

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