Virgil Abloh Louis Vuitton SS19 leaks
Fashion Published: December 12, 2018 Updated: December 17, 2018  |  WORDS: Amirul Shazzani

Leaks of Virgil Abloh’s Louis Vuitton SS19 collection have surfaced online

There’s more to come from the Virgil Abloh Louis Vuitton SS19 collection.

Virgil Abloh could well be expanding his creative reach within the French fashion house.

Recent images leaked online opens up a window into a host of other items designed by fashion’s most talked about designer in 2018. Virgil’s takeover of the luxury streetwear scene has been nothing short of unprecedented, and it appears that he’s not stopping in his tracks just yet.

Virgil Abloh Louis Vuitton SS19 leaks
Pieces from the Virgil Abloh Louis Vuitton SS19 collection appears here such as the foil poncho, red Keepall 50B, and colorful vests

@StreetFashion01 gives us the clearest look yet at a set of garments and accessories supposedly designed by Virgil. While we’ve already seen the Keepall 50B bag, the vests, and the shimmering foil poncho modeled by Playboi Carti in Virgil’s first runway for Louis Vuitton, the photos below showcase pieces worn on a female.

Virgil Abloh Louis Vuitton SS19 leaks
These womenswear accessories are rumored to have been designed by Virgil

In the background of these photos are mannequins styled with LV scarves. The mannequins are also surrounded by a variety of colorful purses (peep the half green-and-white Speedy Monogram handbag). If these accessories are actually designed by Virgil Abloh, would it be a bit of a stretch to speculate that Virgil has invaded the brand’s womenswear department headed by Nicolas Ghesquière?

We’ll have to wait and see for ourselves when the Virgil Abloh Louis Vuitton SS19 collection drops in January 2019.

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