Virgil Abloh’s Latest Sneaker Designs Fail to Impress Redditors

Virgil Abloh’s Latest Sneaker Designs Fail to Impress Redditors

These Virgil Abloh sneakers recently unveiled on Instagram have failed to impress Reddit users.

The shoes, first unveiled on Virgil Abloh’s Instagram page on December 9, feature a pair of black rubber shoes with neon green and orange shoelaces. A Nike Swoosh, along with the words “AIR” and “NOT FOR RESALE”, can be seen on the shoes’ outer.

Some Reddit users have labeled the shoes “trash” while others have taken a more humorous approach, leaving comments such as “Virgil needs to be stopped. The hero-turned-villain of our generation”.

But as it turns out, the shoes posted by Abloh are part of an inside joke. According to sources, the shoes – allegedly orthopedic footwear that belongs to Chris, one of the owners of Union Los Angeles – were doodled on for fun by the Off-White designer.

Looks like Abloh hasn’t yet lost the Midas touch.

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Featured image: Instagram/@virgilabloh

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