Watch: Wolverine Kill Count Supercut

Watch: Wolverine Kill Count Supercut

A new compilation video that hit the Internet shows the exact number of baddies that Wolverine has dropped on the big screen. Marvel villains, skip this one. 

Watch: Wolverine Kill Count Supercut

The exact bodycount for Wolverine’s enemies has just been revealed, and the numbers are high.

YouTube channel Mr Sunday Movies is known for picking out movie details or Easter eggs that are usually overlooked. Franchises such as Star Wars, the Marvel Cinematic Universe and more have been featured, and the creators now look to Wolverine, specifically, the number of people he’s killed in cold fashion.

Given that the X-Men movies started in 2000 and Wolverine received two standalone films in which he’s the titular character, you can’t begin to imagine how many foes have already crossed him and met their demise.

If you’ve not watched most of the X-Men movies, you might want to sit this one out because, you know, spoilers. Otherwise, here’s the video:

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