10 Halloween Costumes That Are Totally Relevant

10 Halloween Costumes That Are Totally Relevant

Forget the vampires, zombies and aliens this spooky season, here’s a more relevant list of Halloween costumes to try.

1. Donald Trump

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It’s up in the air whether or not Donald Trump will sit in the Oval Office as the next POTUS, but there’s little doubt that all eyes are on him at the moment. Donald Trump Halloween masks have been selling like hot cakes, surpassing those of Hillary Clinton’s, but here’s a scarier fact — it’s been said that presidential candidates with the highest mask sales have been winning the elections since 1980.

2. Creepy Clowns


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Scary clown sightings have sprung up in various parts of the world, and if you aren’t afraid of being on the receiving end of a witch hunt, this could be the time to dress up as one and scare the living daylights out of the people in your neighborhood.

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3. Luke Cage


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Even though Luke Cage mostly dons a gray hoodie jacket covered in bullet holes in the Netflix series, no harm reviving the Luke Cage of the comics and bring back the good old blue and yellow. If spandex is not your thing, creating bullet holes in a gray hoodie jacket should be an easy enough look to create and pull off.

4. Stranger Things

Stranger Things has spawned some neat homemade Halloween costumes. You can dress up as the mysterious mind-bender Eleven, or go as Joyce Byers with her wall full of Christmas lights and a permanently-worried face, or make an appearance as the fearsome Demogorgon that lies in the parallel universe.

5. Pokémon Go


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Niantic’s wildly successful augmented reality mobile game is sure to be a source of inspiration for Halloween costumers. Take your pick from the 150 Pokémon available in-game, or dress up as a PokéStop or even as a Gym.

6. Negan


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Slicked-back hair, black leather jacket and a barb-wired baseball bat. How cool would it be to waltz into a Halloween party and watch everyone fall to their knees? Better yet, get your friends to kneel and re-enact this iconic scene from The Walking Dead.

7. Power Rangers


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With the Power Rangers bound for the silver screen early next year, now’s a good time to don your favorite Ranger suit and show off some fighting moves with your squad.

8. Suicide Squad


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If your puddin’ is as into Halloween as you are, it may not be a bad idea to come dressed as two of the craziest main characters from Suicide Squad — the Joker and Harley Quinn. Just be careful not to bump into Batman.

9. Snapchat filters


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2016 has gifted us with plenty of filters on Snapchat, from infamous dog ears to a Leonardo DiCaprio face-swap. Turn those virtual features into real ones with some clever makeup or makeshift props.

10. Deadpool


The merc with a mouth received plenty of screen time this year, and it comes as no surprise that people will be attempting to fit into that skintight outfit come Halloween. If you’re game to gear up as Deadpool, don’t forget to channel Ryan Reynolds’ dry sense of humor too!

Which of these Halloween costume inspirations have gotten you excited for the occasion? Tell us below.

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